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We have two simple goals at Munro's:

Help demystify cryptocurrency taxation in Australia so you can make more informed decisions;
Passionately work every day, on every project, to reduce tax as much as legally possible - keeping your hard earned wealth in your pocket.

"Bitcoin", "Altcoin", "Hashing", "Proof of Work", "Proof of Stake", "Flipping", "The Flippening"...

We understand the jargon because we work day after day with cryptocurrency enthusiasts like yourself.

You don't need to pay us to learn the tech because we already know the crypto space (well don’t get too techie, we are accountants after all).

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We've dedicated considerable resources to build this website so you can come and learn the basic Australian tax issues associated with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Munro’s is an almost 50-year-old accounting firm operating out of Perth assisting people all across Australia with their tax and business advisory needs.

We're not some random on the Internet providing unsolicited tax advice; we know our stuff and want you to know it to so you can make informed decisions.

Whether you're an investor, trader, miner, startup, business owner; or into cryptocurrency to change the world; or want to boost your retirement savings; this is the place to get started and learn about Australian tax on cryptocurrency.

If you require tailored tax advice, then book a consultation, or alternatively submit an enquiry. We suggest you check out our tax return page first though.

"A day before I helped author this website we came up with a really clever plan to restructure a masternode operator's affairs which could save them millions in tax going forward." - Drew Pflaum

Cryptocurrency Tax Return

We prepare and lodge tax returns day-in and day-out for Australian cryptocurrency investors, traders and miners.

  • Need your 2022 tax return done?
  • Need to amend an older tax return because you didn't declare your crypto?
  • Have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) with crypto and need your tax return done?
  • Are you a miner, staker or other business using cryptocurrency?

We can help with all cryptocurrency tax returns.

That's why we are Australia's GO-TO Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants.

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Cryptocurrency Investment

How is cryptocurrency taxed? This is a question many Australians are asking. We have the answers, whether you be a hodler, trader, or just someone trying to use crypto to purchase goods. Tip: you better start thinking about record keeping.

  • Are crypto to crypto trades taxable?
  • How are cryptocurrency investors taxed?
  • How are crypto traders taxed?
  • Do I need to pay tax when spending cryptocurrency?
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Cryptocurrency Mining

Move over gold miners, there’s cryptocurrency to mine. We’ve assisted crypto miners and forgers with understanding their taxation obligations, whether they be operating a hobby operation at home or a commercial business in data centres.

  • How are cryptocurrency miners taxed?
  • Do I pay tax on coins earned from staking?
  • What are tax issues for buying cloud mining contracts?
  • How are masternodes taxed?
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Cryptocurrency for Business

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain has taken off and businesses around Australia are getting involved. We’re working with employees and businesses accepting crypto, start-ups building blockchain solutions, investment funds and exchanges.

  • How do businesses accept cryptocurrency?
  • What are the tax issues for initial coin offerings?
  • What do employers need to know when paying cryptocurrency?
  • What do employees need to know when earning cryptocurrency?
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Superannuation & Estate Planning with Cryptocurrency

If you want to pay less tax on cryptocurrency gains, then superannuation may be part of the solution. Taxes follow us throughout our lifetime, and when we die our loved ones then have to deal with it; so you better have an effective estate plan to save them tax.

  • Can I setup an SMSF and invest in cryptocurrency?
  • How is cryptocurrency taxed in superannuation?
  • What happens to my cryptocurrency when I die?
  • How do I make sure my loved ones save tax on my crypto when I die?
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