We offer consultations with respect to cryptocurrency accounting/tax advice* for $990, which comprises the following service:

  • Up to 60 minute consultation via Zoom or in-person at our Perth office.
  • A brief follow up email summarising the key discussion points/advice.

If you would like to book a consultation, then please book here.

If you are not sure if a consultation is right for you, then please email Be sure to include your name, phone number, background information and questions. We will respond within one business day, suggesting whether or not a consultation is necessary or what your other options are.

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* Please note, we do not provide financial advice, except in limited circumstances regarding superannuation. Should such limited financial advice concerning superannuation be necessary, as part of our regulatory compliance we will need to issue you with a Statement of Advice, which would be separately priced in addition to the consultation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get from the consultation?

Consultations allow you to meet with a specialist advisor from Munro’s to discuss and address your situation, questions, concerns and options. Your Munro’s advisor will use their many years of experience and expertise to provide you with readily available answers and advice.

Whilst we of course do our very best to provide the necessary advice during the initial consultation, we are not always able to address everything in one consultation. Where your situation/plans include complex matters which cannot be fully addressed during the initial consultation, we can provide further advice and assistance as required as part of a secondary consultation and/or project. This additional work will be separately priced based upon your unique circumstances following the first consultation, and agreed with you before proceeding further. There is no obligation to proceed should you not wish to receive the additional advice and assistance.

Will I need further advice?

This depends on your circumstances and can only be answered with a maybe. Until such time that we explore what it is you are doing and plan to do, we cannot say whether or not one consultation will be sufficient to address everything. We make our expertise available to you by way of a consultation capped at $990 so as to best address what you need and allow us to let you know what further advice and assistance (if anything) is needed. Our clients continue to be very pleased with our professional services and we are confident we can help you too.

If you remain unsure if a consultation is right for you, then please email Include your name, phone number, background information/circumstances and questions. We will respond within one business day, suggesting whether or not a consultation is necessary or what your other options are.

Do you offer free initial consultations?


Why do you charge for consultations?

We charge a fair price for consultations because you have asked us to provide you with advice and there are costs associated with providing that advice.

Do you offer discounted consultations?

Only in exceptional circumstances. If you are a startup, business owner or not-for-profit then you are welcome to email to request a discounted consultation. Please be sure to state your name, phone number, background information/circumstances and questions. We will respond within one business day letting you know if you qualify for a discounted consultation.

How do I pay?

Payment for consultations are accepted using Stripe or direct bank deposit.


When booking online, your payments are securely processed by Stripe. We accept payment using Mastercard, VISA and AMEX.

After you select your consultation date and time, you will be asked to answer a few questions and then pay using Stripe.

To complete payment, you need to include the Name as it appears on your debit/credit card, your card number and expiry date.

Direct Bank Deposit

If you would prefer to pay using direct bank deposit, then please call our reception at (08) 94275200.

Do I need a consultation?

If you need advice - have questions or are uncertain about what is best for you - then a consultation is perfect for you. Should you simply require a tax return to be prepared and lodged, then you are better off asking for a quote.

What do I do if all I need is a tax return done?

If all you need is a tax return prepared and lodged (i.e. you don’t require any advice), then rather than book a consultation you can request a quote from us. Since everyone's circumstances are unique to them, in order to provide a quote we firstly need to review your situation and relevant activity/transactions. To allow us to do this, please email the following information:

  1. Tell us your name and phone number.
  2. Explain what you want.
  3. Where applicable, provide the following:
  • Copy of most recently lodged tax return. Include all applicable prior year tax returns where amendments are required.
  • A spreadsheet record of each cryptocurrency you currently own (i.e. the ticker such as BTC, ETH) and the quantity held today (or 30 June if you have an exact record). It can also be helpful to include a column for the location of the crypto (i.e. wallet/exchange) and the quantity at each location. If you have NFTs, then include the description, token ID, location (i.e. wallet/exchange), relevant blockchain (e.g. Ethereum/Solana/Binance Smart Chain) and acquisition transaction hash. If it involves a SMSF, then we also need screenshots of your exchange/wallet after login, showing the crypto, the quantity and the date.
  • A list of each exchange and wallet you have used throughout the period. For each wallet, the record must include all the relevant blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon). Also, for each exchange/wallet, list the types of transactions which have occurred (e.g. spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, earn/interest accounts, staking, liquidity pools, farming, mining, borrowings, gaming, etc).
  • All CSV/Spreadsheet file exports from your exchanges and wallets revealing all your trades, deposits and withdrawals up to today (or 30 June if you have those holding records).
  • All read-only API Keys and Secrets for your exchanges.
  • If you require assistance with gathering data from your exchanges/wallets, such as instructions for how to get CSV Exports/Setup APIs, then please let us know.
  • If you have maintained a cryptocurrency bookkeeping account, for example with CoinTracking, then kindly provide the login credentials (username and password).
  • Records of anything else related to cryptocurrency that you believe we need to know. For example, hardware wallets and mining/staking costs.
  • If there is missing information, please provide as much detail as possible with respect to missing transaction data. Such as what transaction details do you know are missing and what cryptocurrency were traded/mined/staked/earnt/sold/lost (coin ticker, approx. date and quantities). The more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be to account for missing trade data.
  • Records associated with your other non-crypto income and investments. For example, rental property statements and associated expenses; share trading reports, etc. If you trade shares then you can usually download an End of Financial Year Report from your broker which shows shares owned at 30 June, and all your purchases and sales throughout the year (if you sold shares purchases in a previous financial year, we will also need the prior years’ acquisition transactions).
  • Records of any tax deductible expenditure. If you are unsure if something is tax deductible, then include it and we can determine tax treatment.
  • Anything else which we should know about your tax affairs.

Cryptocurrency tax returns generally start from $3,300 (However, we are currently only taking on new clients with intermediate affairs or higher, where the price starts at $6,600 per annum) . Submit the afore-mentioned information today to obtain your tailored quote.

More information about tax return services is here.

Consultation booking link

To book your consultation, please go here.


About Munro’s

A bit about Munro’s and our crypto expertise. We are an accounting and business advisory firm with our headquarters in Perth. We’ve been in business for almost 50 years and we provide exceptional tax and business services to clients across WA and Australia. We have many longstanding clients who operate small-medium businesses, and investor clients who have invested in pretty much every asset class including cryptocurrency.

A few years ago we were actively trying to educate cryptocurrency enthusiasts about the tax implications of their activities, which led to us becoming Australia’s GO-TO Cryptocurrency Accountants. To this day we regularly assist new and existing clients with their cryptocurrency tax (and business) affairs

We’re very proud to be using unique systems and knowledge to calculate cryptocurrency gains and losses to what we believe is an unrivalled degree of accuracy, including minimising tax as much as legally possible. We have an outstanding reputation, which is confirmed by our many verified 5-star Google reviews. See here:

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